My first oil work was a painting of the pergola at the Christian retreat near Kettlewell and Skipton. My friend Alan Croft, a watercolorist, introduced me to a course that was being offered there.

I bought a beginners art box containing watercolours, acrylic, oils, assorted brushes and a few panel canvases. I started with oils and loved the results. I was stuck with this medium.

Pergola at Scargill House

The chair is alone and hidden but yet it is surrounded by bright leaves and the pergola.

“Overshadowed silent bower, solitary hour by hour”

Quiet Garden at Scargill House

This is a painting of the entrance to the Quiet Garden. The door opens automatically with a press of a button revealing a garden completely walled and hidden away from the rest of the community.

“Lonely path cut short of nowhere”

Oil on Canvas Board / 9.5 x 12 inches
/ Oct 2018

The Valley Gardens, Harrogate

Another painting of a bench hidden behind leaves from a tree.

“Invitation of bench deplored, sitting on a fence preferred”

Oil on Canvas Board / 9.5 x 12 inches
/ Oct 2018

House on Swan Road

I was walking past this gate when I noticed the word ‘house’ and immediately thought of home. The gate was inviting me to come in.

“The call of home that bids a wanderer return”

Oil on Canvas / 16 x 20 inches / Oct 2018

Idol Rock at Brimham Rock

It’s hard to ignore God’s handy work.

“Rocks pivotal, mercerizing trance as universe pursues its dance”

Oil on Canvas / 16 x 20 inches / Oct 2018

Personal consultation with the artist

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