Portraits 2019

Martin Morrow

Oil on Canvas / 12 x 16 inches / March 2019

A retired nurse passionately Christian and a walking Bible Encyclopaedia. He has lots of stories to share about his journey to knowing Christ. One of the many people I have met whose faith has grown despite challenges in his life. He’s able to look back with fiery passion and determination which has been inspirational to many people. 

Martin and his wife will often host fellowship evenings from their home in Knaresborough. Praying for Knaresborough and always searching for opportunities to share their love of Jesus.

Peter Marfleet

There are so many good things that could be said about this man. He’s vulnerable and strong, humble, always smiling, full of faith and optimism.

I met up with this man at his home a few months ago and I had accidentally gotten my times mixed up with another appointment. I arrived at his home an hour too early. It occurred to me that I was early when he invited me to sit down with his family for dinner. I then asked ‘I’m supposed to be here for 7pm right?’, Pete answered ‘No, but you’re welcomed to stay, there are no accidents’.  He insisted that I stay

Oil on Canvas / 12 x 16 inches / May 2019

and I did. I sat there for the next 30 minutes watching them eat but feeling both awkward and comforted that I welcomed as family. I was even served dessert. 

There are many examples of his amazing act of kindness. 

Peter and Justine Webb

I stumbled upon Peter and Justine for the first time after enquiring about house groups from our church. Although the group may not have been the one I instinctively would have chosen. I soon grew to appreciate their hospitality, and for their warmth, support and encouragements.

Oil on Canvas / 12 x 16 inches / June 2019

They’re known to do a bit of running and it was them that encouraged me to continue running in the Parkrun. There was this one run when I was feeling overwhelmed and underprepared, Peter having already finished his run came over to walk / jog / run with me through my last lap. 

Oil on Canvas / 12 x 16 inches / June 2019

They’re always willing to offer their time, support and spaghetti. They are very much like my spiritual mother and father.

David Winter

A devout Christian who attends Hope Church in Harrogate, and is a fellow student on the Leeds School of Theology course. His daughter Ruth is based in the Cambodia capital, Pnomh Penh, where she actively serves Liberty Church, a New Frontiers church plant as well as giving herself to various projects reaching the poorest in the city. 

Oil on Canvas / 12 x 16 inches / July 2019

Heewon Kang

Oil on Canvas / 12 x 16 inches / Nov 2019

This great man of faith has been a dedicated youth worker with Hope Harrogate Church. 

I first met this man back in 2016 and his words of wisdom has been an inspiration to me. It has been marvellous to see him grow. His next adventure will be away from the UK and on to Vancouver Canada to help plant a new church.

Phill Holdsworth

My first ever portrait of someone I knew was of Phill Holdsworth. I want to thank him for his bravery in volunteering for that portrait painting. While I have always known that I could have done better. I have promised him that I would revisit him for a second attempt. So here it is, my second attempt to capture what I saw was good about him in a painting.

Phill is a passionate and faithful follower of Jesus Christ. I have spent many hours speaking to this great man over many different things.

Oil on Canvas / 12 x 16 inches / Dec 2019

Personal consultation with the artist

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