Portraits 2020

Rosemary Gilmour

Oil on Canvas / 12 x 16 inches / Sept 2018

I was introduced to Rosemary through associates from church. I was intrigued by Rosemary and during difficult times we became text buddies, chatting over a period of months. We discussed life, opinions, theology and more. Rosemary was always encouraging, inviting me to prayer nights, giving me jobs to do, offering fellowship, food and friendship. 

You’re likely to see Rosemary in various public places in Knaresborough or Harrogate town, singing her heart out and sharing the love of God. She can also be seen on a farm visiting her Beloved goats Fern and Faith with their kid Isobel.

Ian Jenner

I met this man for the first time at the charity Christians Against Poverty or CAP. We went through induction together. He was a well known figure over there and a true ambassador.

He was a genuine man and full of hope. He was a real encourager as well. We used to play snooker together and whenever I played a poor shot he would give me an impossibly encouraging word. He was a great person to be around. 

It was months later that I discovered that back in October 2014 after a prolonged

“There needs to be someone who gives hope”

Ian Jenner
Oil on Canvas / 12 x 16 inches / Dec 2018

Paul Mirfin

Oil on Canvas / 12 x 16 inches / Oct 2018

Paul Mirfin is well known around Knareborough and Harrogate as the lead vocals, guitar, merlin, harmonica and founder of his folk rock and gospel group ‘The Paul Mirfin Band’. However I know him more as a friend from church with a passion for Christ with extraordinary testimonies to share.

Alan Croft

Oil on Canvas / 12 x 16 inches / Nov 2018

Alan is the reason why I started painting. His encouragements and persistency lead me to visit Scargill house.

I thank him for what we have shared together and for his extraordinary patience.

May God continue to bless his life.

Personal consultation with the artist

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