Are you aware of your blind spots?

When I was learning to drive, the one thing that intrigued me was being aware of my blind spots. Someone tried to explain to me what these blind spots were but the problem was that I could clearly see what was being pointed at, this made me question over whether they were really blind spots.Continue reading “Are you aware of your blind spots?”

One body, many parts.

At the Salt Mills Gallery at Saltaire, Bradford, there’s a wonderful plaque listing job titles of some of the workers that used to work at the Salt Mills during the 80s. This is part of an exhibition by Ian Beesley. Sadly, these workers no longer work there and their roles no longer exist at thisContinue reading “One body, many parts.”

Unfinished Journey

As we grow older and wiser, it’s easier to look at someone younger and less experienced and feel a little frustrated. We desperately want to give them a helping hand or even just throw the answer over to them. An example I had in mind was handing over a finished crossword puzzle to someone. There’sContinue reading “Unfinished Journey”

1853 Gallery, Salt Mill, Saltaire, Yorkshire

Someone had remarked that some of my paintings were painted in the style of David Hockney. That was quite an honour, especially as I have heard that one of his paintings was sold as the most expensive piece of art by a living artist. In truth, I’m sure that all paintings look familiar in theirContinue reading “1853 Gallery, Salt Mill, Saltaire, Yorkshire”