Are you aware of your blind spots?

When I was learning to drive, the one thing that intrigued me was being aware of my blind spots. Someone tried to explain to me what these blind spots were but the problem was that I could clearly see what was being pointed at, this made me question over whether they were really blind spots.Continue reading “Are you aware of your blind spots?”

One body, many parts.

At the Salt Mills Gallery at Saltaire, Bradford, there’s a wonderful plaque listing job titles of some of the workers that used to work at the Salt Mills during the 80s. This is part of an exhibition by Ian Beesley. Sadly, these workers no longer work there and their roles no longer exist at thisContinue reading “One body, many parts.”

So this is Christmas..

Christmas can be a very challenging time for a lot of people. There’s so much expectation from the media, our neighbours, our family and friends. It must be particularly difficult for someone who had lost a loved one during this time of the year. It must be difficult for those that are struggling to makeContinue reading “So this is Christmas..”

Drawing on the Grace of God

I have tried to represent Jesus through many of my paintings such as in landscapes, sceneries and even painting Jesus on the cross. In the end no single painting would represent Jesus completely. After thinking hard about Jesus I painted Mother Teresa, and it was soon after I had finished that it occurred to meContinue reading “Drawing on the Grace of God”