Unfinished Journey

As we grow older and wiser, it’s easier to look at someone younger and less experienced and feel a little frustrated.

We desperately want to give them a helping hand or even just throw the answer over to them.

An example I had in mind was handing over a finished crossword puzzle to someone. There’s no fun in looking over someone else’s answers. There’s no fun filling in the squares with the answers from the back.

Life is the same, while we want to give them all of the answers, there are some answers that are more fun when we work them out ourselves. Of course, if we know they’re never going to get to the answer then maybe we should assist them or give them a nudge. It would be cruel not to.

Think of all the gags that slowly built up in a sitcom, or the suspense that was built up in a drama. It wouldn’t be very nice if someone told you to hurry up with your guesses or someone was frustrated if you haven’t got the answer. You would be as bad as the person who told them to look at the answers from the back.

But we don’t have to be young and inexperienced, we could easily be old and experienced and not understand something that someone with bright young eyes can clearly see. We can also be held back by our own transgressions and prejudice that stops us from seeing the obvious.

In summary, all I am asking is to give people a chance and let’s be a bit more patient with everyone, and smile as you realise that they’re going through the same journey as you did yourself.

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