1853 Gallery, Salt Mill, Saltaire, Yorkshire

Someone had remarked that some of my paintings were painted in the style of David Hockney. That was quite an honour, especially as I have heard that one of his paintings was sold as the most expensive piece of art by a living artist. In truth, I’m sure that all paintings look familiar in their unique ways but I was very flattered by his comparisons.

I don’t know much about David Hockney. I had to google his name, and I only found out recently that he was born and bred in Bradford.

It was a good excuse to spend a little time at the 1853 Gallery located in the Salt Mills in Saltaire, Yorkshire, where they hold the world’s largest permanent collection of David Hockney’s work.

Salt Mill, Saltaire, Yorkshire
1853 Gallery

I can safely say that Bradford is very much my spiritual home. I was born in the district, brought up there and went to four different schools in the area. Although I do not live there anymore, not since I was a little boy, and I have very few memories, I still get goose pimples and flash backs whenever I am nearby. I have long lost my Bradford accent but I am strangely drawn to anyone who has one. As there’s something brutally honest and gritty about it.

The Bradford district will be my point of reference as to who I was and where I am from. In the last year or two, anything Bradford seems to have brought some sense of purpose in my life and I am grateful to God that he’s guiding me to whatever that end goal may be.

Matt Barlow, the CEO of CAP, gave me a wonderful analogy. As I was describing my life and my excitement of working in Bradford, he summed up my experiences as a ‘factory reset’. Whenever something has gone wrong with your computer or device, it’s possible to fix the problem by setting the computer back to it’s original ‘factory settings’.

God has guided me back to my ‘factory settings’, and it’s comforting.

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